Maternity Allison

Picture 090

Though I’ve already made 2 swimsuits, it still feels like a challenge to make one.  Especially when the instructions are not so clear.

Picture 087

My big mistake was that I’ve noticed the measuring square on the pattern was 9 cm instead of 10 cm, and somehow, out of laziness, didn’t fix the print settings. I’ve probably thought, oh just a centimeter… but the thing is it does matter.  and so it turned out way smaller then it should have.


To transform it to a maternity swimsuit, I slashed the front pattern between the waist and lower edges ,and added about 7 cm. When sewing, I gathered it to fit the length of the back.


In the end I can say that I’m pretty happy with the result, but it probably won’t fit me soon, and also I have to keep an eye on my boobs to see they are not peeking from the side. (that’s what happens when you’re too lazy to reprint the pattern).


I think I will make Allison again, but this time I will follow the instructions on the Burda video web seminar, not the written ones, because I found them easier.



An egg on two sticks

I had no idea I look like this… not until I saw the pictures my friend Teressa took on the beach.

But, I guess that’s called being pregnant. it’s just that… my belly and buttocks are enormous comparing to my legs which somehow remained skinny, and it looks funny.

Anyway, this is my new retro maternity bathing suit. It’s very comfortable and I love the fabric. I’ve made it using a pattern from a 40 something years old burda. The pattern is not originally maternity, but it’s size 46 and luckily it fits (Lycra…)



As for the behind views, I’ll spare you the close ups 🙂