Maternity clothes again!

So… yes… haven’t been here for a while.

I won’t grumble about how tired I am being a mom for a 1.5 year old baby and 7 months pregnant. Instead I want to tell you that lately I manage to find the energy to sew.

It might be related to our Crete holiday, which I really really wanted to have some new hand made garments to show off and feel good about. So lately I sew. a lot. (well you know, comparing…).

So this is the first garment I want to show you.


The pattern is from burda 05/2014.

The dress is very floaty and comfortable, and was very easy to sew.

I can even walk around without a bra because it shapes the bust very nicely with the gathering in the front.



Belly profile 🙂


The sweet love of my life!!



Baby is sleeping… good time to go eating. Only problem you can’t pass the sidewalk with that giant trunk!!





Burda 03/2012 front knot dress

It started with buying 3 meters of a beautiful fabric with a really great print which I didn’t want to break.

I decided on the burda 03/2012 front knot dress, the longer version, because this fabric calls for a long dress…

Of course I said to myself, no way this dress needs 5+ meters of fabric, it must be one of those burda exaggerations.

After hours of copying the pattern pieces (you need to glue several big sheets of papers together), I found out indeed my 3 meters are not enough… 😦

So, quickly, before I loose the moment of actually sitting down and sewing, I shortened the pattern and used another fabric from my stash.

The beautiful fabric will have to wait for another long dress…

This fabric is jersey, so I had to take it down one size and also take the shoulders further in.

It is very flowy and comfortable, and I used a very thin netting for the lining so it’s not too heavy for the summer.


Tummy posing…

Just happy…

60’s Maternity Dress

In general, I don’t moan at all about the pregnancy… It’s just that I’ve been going to a Pattern Drafting course for about 6 months… and just now, when we’ve finally learned how to design and draft interesting and fitted dresses and trousers…  I can’t really because of my belly.

So anyway, I designed this dress, at least it fits my upper bodice. and is cute, I think 🙂

If someone is interested, I can try and upload the pattern. The size is about 40 (burda sizes).  Please write to me if you do.