Maternity Allison

Picture 090

Though I’ve already made 2 swimsuits, it still feels like a challenge to make one.  Especially when the instructions are not so clear.

Picture 087

My big mistake was that I’ve noticed the measuring square on the pattern was 9 cm instead of 10 cm, and somehow, out of laziness, didn’t fix the print settings. I’ve probably thought, oh just a centimeter… but the thing is it does matter.  and so it turned out way smaller then it should have.


To transform it to a maternity swimsuit, I slashed the front pattern between the waist and lower edges ,and added about 7 cm. When sewing, I gathered it to fit the length of the back.


In the end I can say that I’m pretty happy with the result, but it probably won’t fit me soon, and also I have to keep an eye on my boobs to see they are not peeking from the side. (that’s what happens when you’re too lazy to reprint the pattern).


I think I will make Allison again, but this time I will follow the instructions on the Burda video web seminar, not the written ones, because I found them easier.