Baby Geva

Long time no see…

Well, I was up to a lot, not in the sewing business but with screaming reflux baby in hands, trying to cope as a new mommy.

In the first few months I was mostly in bed, with the baby sleeping on my chest, looking at the sewing machines in the other room and dying to sew, but just couldn’t.

Well, he’s now six months old (!) time runs fast, although I can confess that it was so difficult in the first 4-5 months that it really actually went so slow.

Picture 167

He’s a very curious and active little monkey, and sooo cute.

He goes to sleep at about 18:00 every evening, so hopefully I will manage to go back to sewing soon.

I still owe you the pictures of my pregnancy wedding dress, so I’ll post that next.

Picture 145

Picture 130


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