Another burda 03/09 Maternity Dress

I really really wanted  a maxi summary maternity dress, but the result looked like an 80’s sleep gown…


you can see I look very sad indeed!! after all the work, and probably really late at night (for a pregnant mommy to 1.5 year old baby, late at night can be 10:00 pm)

So, I shortened it into this:


It took some guts.. especially because most of the Robert Kauffman fabric was lost (ok ok it’s not Liberty, but still…)

But I just loved the result.

A very comfortable summer dress that can also be useful as a post maternity dress and hide the tummy till it’s gone.


(this is my 8th month tummy)


I’ve altered 03/09 burda dress to be a maternity dress. I’ve already done that on my wedding dress:

basically I just added some pleats to the top of the front skirt part, and some more volume on the seams (seams of the center panel piece and side panels, and the side seams) .

I’m thinking of adding some tutorials of how to alter a pattern into a maternity pattern, so I’ll also have one about inserting pleats.

One thought on “Another burda 03/09 Maternity Dress

  1. Not sure if you kept it, but a big square of fabric like that + little people in the house = you can reuse the piece for something fun for them–an apron, a colour blocked garment, or even scraps for patches. With a newborn like you have now (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!) you can sew something pretty on top of a burp cloth. Even if your youngest miracle is a boy. Who says that you have to forget being a women–for burp cloths? However if you let it go then it’s all good, it was time for it to go then 🙂 Enjoy your family!

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