Burda Maternity Dress 06/2010


This is the most pretty, comfortable and easy maternity dress I have ever sewn. And there are two more in the making!

Thinking ahead (unlike my previous pregnancy), this dress would be also great as nursing dress, so I wouldn’t have to wear simple tanks all day and night.

It’s made out of very soft jersey I found in the leftovers pile for about 4.5$ the whole piece.

I wore it for the first time to our apartment purchase signing meeting (my first own apartment! yeay!), and felt very elegant 🙂


bump bursting out, and there are almost two more months to go!

2 thoughts on “Burda Maternity Dress 06/2010

  1. Congratulations on your first new home! We just bought too (first time for me). You do look very sophisticated. Yes, that Burda dress is great for nursing. I had four versions with neckline variations in the last pg and ‘fourth trimester’ that I wore so much they are faded. You didn’t have to take in the bottom hem? Great–e sewed this and I both had problems with it and we slightly narrowed the hem. Nursing access is great but the necklines can suffer from daily tugging on them. The necklines on my old dresses are perfect though since I trimmed the hem allowance to 1cm and serged 1cm clear elastic tape on the wrong side edge, turned and stitched the hem with a coverstitch (double needle in a sewing machine works well too, particularly with a bobbin of hand-wound wooly nylon thread–but my SM is so old the wooly nylon is nigh impossible to pull through to the needle plate). As a bonus the neckline hems are sharp and easy to turn to hem, but resist all temptation to slightly gather the clear elastic and/or steam (or press) the neckline as the plastic will melt on the interior which is really not pretty on the neckline. I lost an otherwise finished kimono-style empire wait top to attempting to lightly steam a pucker. Eee.

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