In Search for Sewing Mojo

You know what sucks the most about being a mummy? Is that I don’t have any “me” time. at all. well… I do have, after 08:00 pm… but:

a. I’m dead by that time.

b. If I’m not entirely dead, husband is, and wants to go to sleep so I can’t use my sewing room which is practically connected to the bedroom.

But. I’m trying. Because I miss sewing soooo much. and I keep buying more and more fabrics online and more burda and manequim although sometimes I see an online review and don’t even remember that I have that issue. well memory gets messed up a lot.

And after the somewhat melancholy prefix, I want to show you something that I did manage to sew and absolutely love.


The top is from a recent Manequim issue and the skirt is my own design.

Hemming the flounces were a lot of trouble with the fold leg because the fabric is very slippery.  But besides from that, it was a really easy project. I added the oppening in the back which I think is cute 🙂


the fabric has tiny cherries on it…



The photos were taken on my husband b-day and he was so cute and patient taking the photo shoot as always… we were having a great breakfast in Alexander hotel in Tel Aviv and then strolled on the beach. (it’s actually still warm here – and it’s December!! what’s going on with the weather??)






I am planning to have more sewing mojo and already cutting something. so hopefully see you soon….

btw, Manequim has sent me by mistake two of the same issue, so I’m going to take some photos of the issue in a next post and host a giveaway! so stay tuned…

One thought on “In Search for Sewing Mojo

  1. Hi, I know, it’s hard! I know all about being dead tired at 8pm or when not, not wanting to make sewing machine noise in an apartment for DH. *Sigh* My kids are 18 months apart so I remember those days. Glad you have powered through the overwhelming fatigue of taking care of a young toddler and being a baby’s 24/7 life support system. You did it! We are currently 22wks pg with #3 but my sewing machines are packed away with no space to sew since we moved–you can guess how much I want to set up a sewing area and then take it down with a FT shift job and two preschoolers (even though DH is very helpful). It’s just temporary. Glad that you focused on enjoying your family first 🙂

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