Maternity Wedding Dress

My wedding took place ages ago… but… by the time I got the photos I was already way way pregnant, elephant like pregnant and very exhausted.  Then I got myself a really bossy baby that didn’t let me do anything else besides soothing and entertaining him… so finally!

Libby & Nitzan-2

It is based on Burda 03/09 dress #116.  I added some pleats in the middle to make some room for 5 months belly.

03-09-116 03-09-116s

It was easy to make but in the end didn’t look so good on me. A couple of days before the wedding I was just about to give this dress up (I had another dress – bought one), and called to moan to my friend Keren. She came that evening and helped me with the fit and finishing edges.

We ended up sewing the bra and slip to the dress, but the result was beautiful and I was very happy with it.

Libby & Nitzan-546

Libby & Nitzan-509

Libby & Nitzan 1013

Libby & Nitzan-526

Libby & Nitzan 1036

Libby & Nitzan 1048

Libby & Nitzan-548

Libby & Nitzan-3

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