“Baby Pink” for a baby boy

Well…. no I’m not sewing pink clothes for my little baby boy (due in 3 months btw!), but at least I can sew pink tops for my belly.

I’ve drafted this pattern from a basic sloper. It was very easy – just got rid of the darts, added the pleats and used a bias strip for the collar. I will try to upload the pattern (along with the  60s maternity dress pattern) as soon as I get near a scanner (or perhaps I’ll finally buy one).

The fabric is such a delicate cotton, it almost feels as silk. If you happen to be in Israel, you absolutely HAVE to go to the fabric district in Tel Aviv.  For me, it’s just 10 minutes drive from home, and there are about 25 fabric and notions stores on the same street (Nachlat Binyamin). You can find really good expensive stuff, but you can also find designer outlet fabrics for really cheap prices like the Miss Sixty’s one I used for my 60s maternity dress (2.5$ per meter) or 2$ for the whole piece of fabric I used for this top.

Next post I’ll show you my latest fabric bargains from last week (have to take photos…)

4 thoughts on ““Baby Pink” for a baby boy

  1. This looks so cute and light and comfortable, and I love the collar!
    And I envy you for having a fabric district near you, I have just very few fabric stores around here, and the best one will close by end of the year…

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