Flared Maternity Pants

I’ve been looking for maternity pants everywhere and just couldn’t find anything that  I liked, so I’ve decided to make them…

I’ve used the Burda 02/12 maternity pants pattern:

but didn’t like the skinny hem, so altered it to be more flared. this is really easy to do! you just continue the hemline to both directions by the amount of “flariness” you want it to be (I’ve added 4 cm in each side) and then connect the knee mark with the new hem.

I’ve also added  pockets. Isn’t it annoying to not have pockets?? especially when you’re embarrassed and need somewhere to comfortably place your hands…

There is no rule for drafting pockets, except that your hand should comfortably slide in and that it’s big enough inside for your hand.

After drafting the pocket, I copied three pieces: the pocket facing, the pocket lining and the new front.

When sewing the pockets, first join the front and pocket facing pieces, right side to right side on line “a”. then cut the seam allowance in some places so that it’s easier to fold back. fold it left to left. join the pocket facing and the pocket lining on line “b”. baste the front piece to the pocket facing on lines “c”.

4 thoughts on “Flared Maternity Pants

    1. oops sorry for the late response… post maternity mind 🙂
      The pants fabric didn’t have stretch, but the waistband did have two way stretch.
      I ended up waring them a lot when I was pregnant and afterwards. Good luck!

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