Blue Sky and Flowers

This is not a new skirt… in fact I made it a couple of months ago in Pattern Drafting class and it was my first ever self drafted pattern.

I just waited and waited for the spring to come so I can wear it, and yesterday I decided that if it doesn’t come, I will try and bring it. So I wore it, although it was pretty cold outside.

It has a center and side panels, pocket yokes and pockets (although it looks like the pockets are external, they are in fact internal, and huge and comfy).

I used orange piping for the panels and yoke seams.

This skirt makes me happy!

And do silly things…

I’m lucky to have such a patient boyfriend that takes lots of photos (well he was a little grumpy about it, but… what can you expect…)

Even Shanty is impressed…

The drafting is pretty simple.

I started with a basic skirt pattern.

The Front:

I moved the dart into the center and side panels seam, and draw a map like this:

The center front and pocket yokes:

The side front panel:

The pocket:

The front yoke:

When copying this part, combine the two parts of the yoke into one and round the rough joint corners.

The back is pretty much unchanged, only added the yoke (yoke width 5 cm as in front):

Please post any questions, I would love to answer them!

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