70s Elegance

A few months ago I stumbled upon some Burda magazines from the 1960s and 1970s, wow… what a treasure that was.

Some of the Burdas didn’t even have the photos part, only the instructions, and I decided to challenge myself and try to make a dress pattern that I didn’t even know how it will look in real life.


Here you see the pattern for the dress and jacket, but I only made the dress.

The dress was sleeveless, so I drafted my own sleeve, as just recently learned in pattern drafting class… I think that went quite well…

The real challenge with this dress was the center pleat of the skirt (part 35) . See how the front panel is on a fold, but still has the buttons opening. Well, took me a while but I figured it out in the end. I had to cut right through the seam allowance until a thread before the seam, and after folding the center pleat, secure it with hand stitches.

I decided to give it a more “70s” look by making the lapels and collar in the skirt fabric.



Shanty plays dead to get my attention… 🙂

I made the closure on the wrist (not sure how it’s called) the way I learned in advanced sewing techniques course, and it was a nightmare to try and remember how we did it in class, but in the end I managed!

… sewing more than two meter of hem by hand!!

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