Hello World!

I am so excited to finally have my own blog !!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog forever…but, didn’t find the time, energy etc.

The thing that got me started at last was that burdastyle sent me an email about featuring me! ME!! I tried to hold my enthusiasm but it was very difficult. ME !! Featured in burdastyle!! Then I thought, oh it’s so embarrassing, I’m the only seamstress in the world without a blog…

I will publish the burdastyle interview here after they publish it (although it could be a nice topic for a first post).

So, as I seen in other sewing blogs, I will share with you what I’m up to right now.

I’ve recently found a bunch of some old 60s and 70s burda magazine and I find them so inspiring. Some of them with only instructions (no photo part) and some are beautifully kept with all the parts of the magazine. I challenged myself and picked a dress from one of the “instructions only” magazines.

It doesn’t have sleeves, so I’ve drafted it as learned in pattern drafting class.

The fabrics are a combination of a beautiful brown with light dots satin and grey flannel. The flannel is used for the skirt, collar and shirt lapels and flaps. It looks very 70s and elegant at the same time.

This is a preview of the fabrics used. If anyone is interested, I can show how I made those arrow head sleeve openings. (they are not finished in the pic).

And this is the unfinished bodice (wearing a tote I’ve recently made… might cover it in a future post)

I LOVE this pointy huge collar!!

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