In Search for Sewing Mojo

You know what sucks the most about being a mummy? Is that I don’t have any “me” time. at all. well… I do have, after 08:00 pm… but:

a. I’m dead by that time.

b. If I’m not entirely dead, husband is, and wants to go to sleep so I can’t use my sewing room which is practically connected to the bedroom.

But. I’m trying. Because I miss sewing soooo much. and I keep buying more and more fabrics online and more burda and manequim although sometimes I see an online review and don’t even remember that I have that issue. well memory gets messed up a lot.

And after the somewhat melancholy prefix, I want to show you something that I did manage to sew and absolutely love.


The top is from a recent Manequim issue and the skirt is my own design.

Hemming the flounces were a lot of trouble with the fold leg because the fabric is very slippery.  But besides from that, it was a really easy project. I added the oppening in the back which I think is cute :-)


the fabric has tiny cherries on it…



The photos were taken on my husband b-day and he was so cute and patient taking the photo shoot as always… we were having a great breakfast in Alexander hotel in Tel Aviv and then strolled on the beach. (it’s actually still warm here – and it’s December!! what’s going on with the weather??)






I am planning to have more sewing mojo and already cutting something. so hopefully see you soon….

btw, Manequim has sent me by mistake two of the same issue, so I’m going to take some photos of the issue in a next post and host a giveaway! so stay tuned…

Drape Drape Top

I got the beautiful Drape Drape book for my last birthday in October from two great sewing friends, but only got around to make something recently.

Picture 741

It conceals pregnancy left overs and is very comfortable!

Basically it is constructed of two pieces. One is half of the back and the other is the front and half of the back.

The construction is very easy, but the tricky part was to cut the fabric without distorting the pattern every time I move it on the table. (because the piece is HUGE)

Picture 779

Picture 790s

Picture 771

Maternity Wedding Dress

My wedding took place ages ago… but… by the time I got the photos I was already way way pregnant, elephant like pregnant and very exhausted.  Then I got myself a really bossy baby that didn’t let me do anything else besides soothing and entertaining him… so finally!

Libby & Nitzan-2

It is based on Burda 03/09 dress #116.  I added some pleats in the middle to make some room for 5 months belly.

03-09-116 03-09-116s

It was easy to make but in the end didn’t look so good on me. A couple of days before the wedding I was just about to give this dress up (I had another dress – bought one), and called to moan to my friend Keren. She came that evening and helped me with the fit and finishing edges.

We ended up sewing the bra and slip to the dress, but the result was beautiful and I was very happy with it.

Libby & Nitzan-546

Libby & Nitzan-509

Libby & Nitzan 1013

Libby & Nitzan-526

Libby & Nitzan 1036

Libby & Nitzan 1048

Libby & Nitzan-548

Libby & Nitzan-3

Baby Geva

Long time no see…

Well, I was up to a lot, not in the sewing business but with screaming reflux baby in hands, trying to cope as a new mommy.

In the first few months I was mostly in bed, with the baby sleeping on my chest, looking at the sewing machines in the other room and dying to sew, but just couldn’t.

Well, he’s now six months old (!) time runs fast, although I can confess that it was so difficult in the first 4-5 months that it really actually went so slow.

Picture 167

He’s a very curious and active little monkey, and sooo cute.

He goes to sleep at about 18:00 every evening, so hopefully I will manage to go back to sewing soon.

I still owe you the pictures of my pregnancy wedding dress, so I’ll post that next.

Picture 145


Picture 130



The Maternity Swimming Suit – Revisited

We’ve just returned from a weekend in Eilat (to celebrate my BD :-) )…

Now,  I take the risk of boring you, but I couldn’t resist post the new photos Nitzan took of my favorite retro maternity swimming suit.

The pattern is from one of those oldies 70s burda magazines, and the fabric and lining are Lycra.   It’s extremely comfortable and I love it.

The original post can be found here.





One word about the bra pad. It took me a while to figure out how to do it…

What I eventually did, which is very simple when you think about it, was after I sew the lining I put it on me, pinned the padding in its place above the lining and then machine stitched the lower part of the padding to the lining. piece of cake!


An egg on two sticks

I had no idea I look like this… not until I saw the pictures my friend Teressa took on the beach.

But, I guess that’s called being pregnant. it’s just that… my belly and buttocks are enormous comparing to my legs which somehow remained skinny, and it looks funny.

Anyway, this is my new retro maternity bathing suit. It’s very comfortable and I love the fabric. I’ve made it using a pattern from a 40 something years old burda. The pattern is not originally maternity, but it’s size 46 and luckily it fits (Lycra…)



As for the behind views, I’ll spare you the close ups :-)


“Baby Pink” for a baby boy

Well…. no I’m not sewing pink clothes for my little baby boy (due in 3 months btw!), but at least I can sew pink tops for my belly.

I’ve drafted this pattern from a basic sloper. It was very easy – just got rid of the darts, added the pleats and used a bias strip for the collar. I will try to upload the pattern (along with the  60s maternity dress pattern) as soon as I get near a scanner (or perhaps I’ll finally buy one).

The fabric is such a delicate cotton, it almost feels as silk. If you happen to be in Israel, you absolutely HAVE to go to the fabric district in Tel Aviv.  For me, it’s just 10 minutes drive from home, and there are about 25 fabric and notions stores on the same street (Nachlat Binyamin). You can find really good expensive stuff, but you can also find designer outlet fabrics for really cheap prices like the Miss Sixty’s one I used for my 60s maternity dress (2.5$ per meter) or 2$ for the whole piece of fabric I used for this top.

Next post I’ll show you my latest fabric bargains from last week (have to take photos…)

Burda 03/2012 front knot dress

It started with buying 3 meters of a beautiful fabric with a really great print which I didn’t want to break.

I decided on the burda 03/2012 front knot dress, the longer version, because this fabric calls for a long dress…

Of course I said to myself, no way this dress needs 5+ meters of fabric, it must be one of those burda exaggerations.

After hours of copying the pattern pieces (you need to glue several big sheets of papers together), I found out indeed my 3 meters are not enough… :-(

So, quickly, before I loose the moment of actually sitting down and sewing, I shortened the pattern and used another fabric from my stash.

The beautiful fabric will have to wait for another long dress…

This fabric is jersey, so I had to take it down one size and also take the shoulders further in.

It is very flowy and comfortable, and I used a very thin netting for the lining so it’s not too heavy for the summer.


Tummy posing…

Just happy…

Little Play Dress

I’ve made this dress to my gorgeous 2.5 years niece whom I love to bits!

Now, you might think what a lovely, delicate, English Rose she is.

However,  she’s rather hyper active, sweet and full of life and happiness!

Seconds before the dress was soaking wet…

The top part of the dress and the sleeves are from Fait Main 353, the bottom part is just a rectangle (what was left of the fabric).

Flared Maternity Pants

I’ve been looking for maternity pants everywhere and just couldn’t find anything that  I liked, so I’ve decided to make them…

I’ve used the Burda 02/12 maternity pants pattern:

but didn’t like the skinny hem, so altered it to be more flared. this is really easy to do! you just continue the hemline to both directions by the amount of “flariness” you want it to be (I’ve added 4 cm in each side) and then connect the knee mark with the new hem.

I’ve also added  pockets. Isn’t it annoying to not have pockets?? especially when you’re embarrassed and need somewhere to comfortably place your hands…

There is no rule for drafting pockets, except that your hand should comfortably slide in and that it’s big enough inside for your hand.

After drafting the pocket, I copied three pieces: the pocket facing, the pocket lining and the new front.

When sewing the pockets, first join the front and pocket facing pieces, right side to right side on line “a”. then cut the seam allowance in some places so that it’s easier to fold back. fold it left to left. join the pocket facing and the pocket lining on line “b”. baste the front piece to the pocket facing on lines “c”.